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Our mission is to empower

Gay Men of African descent


Through education, advocacy, health and wellness  promotion and social support. This done through our core competencies of being a F.R.I.E.N.D., they are:


F lexibility in daily interactions;

R espect for every individual;

I ntegrity through communication;

E mpathy and compassion;

N etworking and cooperation;

D ependability in professional performance.


Our core competencies are the cornerstones of our relationship with the city, its communities,  neighborhoods, and diverse constituents.

Serving as a community hub, we encourage, and educate gay men of color from all walks of life about the steps to become positive agents of change to advance the dual causes of social justice and equal rights. 


The core of our work remains in striving to end isolation, prejudice, and violence in the lives of  LGBTQ+/GNC people. GMAD is a place to gain a reprieve from attacks on self-esteem, to build social and intellectual connections and to gain and maintain a healthy sense of self-identity.